Review: Ararat by Christopher Golden

With an ancient demon invisibly possessing its victims and sowing the seeds of animosity between characters and an isolated and snowbound setting, comparisons to Carpenter’s classic, The Thing, abound in Christopher Golden’s Ararat. Are they justified? Is that even a bad thing? Read on to find out... The first thing any review of this book … Continue reading Review: Ararat by Christopher Golden

Why we need a faithful new adaptation of Lord of the Flies

William Golding’s classic exploration of the darkness inherent in all of us, Lord of the Flies, is generally seen in one of two lights. It’s either that boring book packed as densely with prose descriptions of the rainforest as its figurative jungle is with liana vines and ferns, or it’s a timeless classic that drags humanity’s hidden evils … Continue reading Why we need a faithful new adaptation of Lord of the Flies

Bone Saw by Patrick Lacey

What happens when you throw a dodgy film director, a good-hearted kid with a love for old-school horror movies, a badass chick with Daddy issues, a haunted private eye and a homicidal pig-monster into an isolated town? Well, aside from the obvious insanity and gore, you get a rollicking good read, that’s what. Patrick Lacey’s … Continue reading Bone Saw by Patrick Lacey

Recent Readings: Bird Box, Bone Saw, Ararat & More

Lately I’ve heard a few people say horror is in a great place right now. Well, if some of my recent reads are any indication, they’d be one hundred per correct. Over the last few weeks, I’ve absolutely a blitzed a spate of books that have left me slavering for more. I’m not sure how … Continue reading Recent Readings: Bird Box, Bone Saw, Ararat & More