Rebel FM Interview

Those who know me may be aware that I spent several years as the creative director of Rebel FM, one of Australia’ biggest independent radio stations. Today, I was asked to appear on the station by afternoon presenter, Davo. The order of business? Simple, the Short Sharp Shocks! release, The Encampment by the Gorge & Blood Memory.

Every Wednesday, Davo runs a segment called Weird Wednesdays. It usually sees him blast some quality rock/metal music and get even weirder than usual with his subject matter. If you know Dave, you’ll know that means things can really get out there.

Cover art by Adrian Baldwin

Anyway, as part of our chat, we talked about the release and Dean at Demain Publishing has been kind enough to provide five sets of the five latest Short Sharp Shocks! and Dave Jeffery’s new one A Quiet Apocalypse.

That’ll go live on their Facebook soon. To enter, you’ll just need to nominate yourself and the station will take it from there.

You can listen to the rebel here:

If you’re not able to do that, my interview is here.

Finally, in a recent review, Eddie Generous of Unnerving Magazine gave Encampment by the Gorge & Blood Memory four stars.

If you haven’t picked up your copy, it’s available NOW at Amazon, and it’ll only cost you a buck.  Click here to purchase!


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