Trickster’s Treats: 7 Deadly Sins – a Halloween charity anthology

The third release I have coming out in the next couple of months is 700 word flash piece for Things in the Well’s annual Trickster’s Treats charity anthology. This time, proceeds go to Charity: Water, who bring safe drinking water to developing countries. 

With only 700 words to use, this one’s hard to say too much about, but my story, Mother Jerky, is themed around the sin of gluttony. I’m hoping you’ll find it revolting.

Anyway, there are tonnes of great authors in there. I’m particularly happy to be sharing a table of contents with Gary Buller. I’ve read a few of his stories in other publications, including one called Porcelain Skin in Unnerving Mag, and that was great.

This one’s not available yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as it is.

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