Short Sharp Shocks: The Encampment by the Gorge & Blood Memory

This is the one I’m really excited about right now. My very first solo release. Demain Publishing’s Short Sharp Shocks books are right up there when it comes to high quality releases at the moment. Dropping at a steady rate and featuring authors like Calvin Demmer, Kev Harrison and Mike Thorn – whose addition to the series releases on the same day as mine – I’m in good company, and I’m confident you’ll love it.

Cover art by Adrian Baldwin

First things first, though, that cover! Adrian Baldwin does a stellar job with the covers and branding of the series, and as soon as I saw this beauty, I thought it was the perfect way to tie the two stories included in the book together.

A new story, The Encampment by the Gorge opens the book up with a high-octane Conradesque journey up a river and into a dark forest. Supporting it, Blood Memory, which I’ve spoken about before, is a reprint of my earlier story as seen in Dark Moon Digest 32/33. That one’s all about the crocodile.

Interestingly enough, you might remember my post about Editing from a while back. Encampment was one of those stories I had both Eddie Generous and Max Booth iii look at, and I spent a long time messing with it and nurturing it out of its linear original form and into the violent slab of cosmic horror you’ll read when you smash that pre-order button.

If I had to describe it without talking about the plot, I’d say it’s pretty Metal! If that’s up your alley, then get on it.

It releases on September 27 and I can’t wait to unleash this one on the world.

If you want to read something you don’t have to wait for, try The Elements of Horror: Earth anthology and my story There is Only a Hole Here Now.


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