Dark Moon Digest 32/33


After months of waiting for the mail to travel all the way from Texas to Brisbane, Australia, my contributor copy of Dark Moon Digest 32/33 has arrived.

There is no other way to describe this glorious little publication. It is just beautiful. Thanks to Patrick Lacey’s Bone SawI was all too aware of the general production quality of Perpetual Motion Machine’s novels and anthologies, but I wasn’t expecting to be so floored by the general quality of this.


For some reason, I figured that it would look more like a magazine-style publication. Holding this little beauty in my hands, I’m so glad it’s not. It looks and feels like a real book. The new-book smell, the quality of the paper, the excellent artwork, the weight and feel of the digest itself, there is a lot to love about this, and I’m sure other contributors around the world are looking at it the same way.



Speaking of contributors, this thing has a stellar list of contributors and I feel honoured to see my name alongside them. Honestly, seeing names like Josh Malerman, Matt Hayward, and Betty Rocksteady there with my own is a real source of pride and I can only hope my story Blood Memory maintains the standards they set.


Anyway, I’ll be reading this bad boy over the next few days and continuing to show it off to anyone who’ll pay attention.

Purchase a copy through Amazon or direct from Perpetual Motion Machine.

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