Reflections on 2018


I’m writing this blog post just a few-hundred metres from the great Cathedral of Cologne while on holiday in Germany. One of the great things about my day-job as a teacher is the regular holidays I’m entitled to every year. Every Christmas, my beautiful partner and I get to travel, and we usually go to Europe. It’s cold, but considering that means we escape much of the January heat Queensland is renowned for, we love it.

This is my ‘metal’ face in a ghosts and legends museum in Prague. It’s pretty tacky, but it’s a lot of fun.

Anyway, this latest round of travelling has given me cause to reflect on 2018 and my own fiction writing. This was the year I saw my first short story published. That story was – and is – Blood Memory in Dark Moon Digest’s Halloween double-issue. As you probably know, DMD comes from the excellent publishers, Perpetual Motion Machine.

I also had another story, Scolopendra, published by Kyanite Press shortly after I received that first acceptance. Consequently, my drive to write was kicked up a gear and I’ve been sending work out steadily ever since. I now have a small catalogue of short stories on submission, which takes time, particularly when the markets don’t accept simultaneous submissions, but hopefully, I’ll be able to report back to you with more good news soon.

On top of that, I also completed a novella I’d been working on for a while and will be shopping that to potential publishers soon. It’s one I started working on a while ago and then kind of drifted away from as I was writing more short stories. I recently reread it and had a wind of inspiration that saw me finish it a week or two later. Hopefully it’s still good when I look at it again in a month or two.

Finally, as an aside to that earlier point about the submissions process taking time, don’t get disheartened if you’re looking at your submission and it says in-progress for a looooonnng time. Blood Memory was with Dark Moon Digest for about a year before I received word.

Patience is the name of the game. If there’s one thing 2018 made me even more acutely aware of, it’s something I always tell my students: you can’t rush anything and expect high quality results.

Shameless Plug: If you’d like to buy either of the magazines featuring my work, do so here:

As I said before, hopefully I’ll have more to report to you soon.

Interact with me: I’d love to know how other people feel about simultaneous submissions. I’ll be honest, I observe the rules because I feel like it’s just respectful, but I’d love to know your thoughts. Have you run into any dramas? Let me know on my Twitter.


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